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Monday 19 March 2018

Itchy Hands

Itchy hands want to start re-blogging again. Who's still reading?

Wednesday 14 September 2016


Hello, a brief update from the princess! Am still around, but gotta admit, not active in blogging already. It's like this, once you I stop, you I slack. 

Sharon whatsapp-ed me justnow and said she misses me. And she said my dear Phong Hong mentioned me in her blog too. Am so touched, so I decided to post something right away.

You see, baby Sherman was hospitalized in May due to Kawasaki fever, and then, admitted again about two months ago due to UTI (urinary tract infection). Have been in-out-in-out from the hospital for routine checkups and follow-ups, been pretty down and "depressed" that time, so no mood blogging already.

Everything is fine now. And here's a picture of the 3 cheeky boys. The two abang dig nose dig until syiok syiok wei.

Monday 6 June 2016

Still Around

Dearies. I'm still around. Just not as active. I'm still reading your blogs, just not commenting.

I did not report to work for almost two weeks. Sherman was admitted to the hospital on 16th May (Monday evening), and discharged on 21st May (Saturday) morning. We thought the nightmare was already over and we could go back to our daily routine, BUT fever came back on 23rd May! We took Sherman to the famous doctor located at Jalan Ipoh, and asked for her second opinion. Apparently, it wasn't Kawasaki recurrence, just infection because his immune system was already weak and all. Took antibiotics for 3 days, and fever gone. Thank God.

Babies are not the same as adults. You GOTTA be there 24 hours a day. You can't say "Ok, we are going to work now, we will come see you after work, k". 

For the past two weeks, me and hubby rotated like a robot. Morning, I sent Kz & G to school, then went to the hospital for Sherman. Hubby took his shower in the hospital, and went to work for a while to settle his things. He came back to the hospital around 4pm, and I went to pickup Kz & G from school and sent them home. Next morning, same routine. Hubby slept in the hospital one week already. 

Things are pretty back to normal this week. But the phobia is still there. Kawasaki fever is something we can't control, can't prevent. It just happens (wtf when the doctor said this, but yes, it just happens - feeling MEH).  

Ok, bye!

Saturday 21 May 2016


No, it's not the Japanese brand motorcycle.

It's something like high fever, and Sherman got it last Monday. Baby just discharged today, and I'm too exhausted to do anything else already. Just to update you guys just in case you are wondering where's Princess Ribbon.

Shall update more about Kawasaki soon. And the bill is RM16k for 5 nights & antibiotics. 

Please get medical insurance for your family. If your friends are selling insurance and they want to talk to you, don't run away.

Ok bye!

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Luncheon Meat Stock

I must have this in my pantry - luncheon meat, Gulong brand. 

How about you? What brand of luncheon meat you consume? Ok I know too much is no good, I eat in moderation 

Ignore the can of abalone, free stuff from CNY hamper.

Ok bye!

Monday 21 March 2016

Chicken Mayo Sandwich

Today, I had homemade chicken mayo sandwich for breakfast. The chicken was from my mum, she used them to boil soup for dinner yesterday. We went to my parents' house for dinner yesterday and mum boiled winter melon chicken+feet soup (with a chicken carcass and two big chicken breasts). 

She said:
"I've packed the chicken (breast) meat for you in a bag. Please take it home and make chicken mayo, I know you like chicken mayo. If you don't take it, dad will feed them to the neighbour's dogs".

Me: *Eye ball rolling*

Anyway, I took the chicken home, shredded the meat with my fingers, mixed with mayo and pepper. This morning, I spread butter and sliced some tomatoes. Ta-daa.... 

Ok bye!

Monday 22 February 2016

Newbie At Work

Happy Chap Goh Mei to all bloggers. I'm secretly very happy the CNY has came to an end, and the kids go back to school as per normal. I don't know how many (parents) agree with me out there, but do you agree with the below?

I returned to work on 12th February, and I felt exactly like a newbie, on the first day of work. I felt down and blue on my first day, but I'm happy to announce now that I love going to work, haha. I don't know about you, but I do more (house chores) when I'm at home. Not to mention more shouting, more screaming, picking up toys like 100x a day. 

What else, oh, I watched Annie (2014) on Astro yesterday. Quite ok, the show. Modern.

This song makes me happy - Together At Last. 

And this song makes me "semangat" (and I mean, very semangat) - The City's Yours.

Lastly, the kids had Macdonald's Happy Meal last week, and these are their collections. I don't know these characters but I think they're cute.

Ok, bye!

Sunday 3 January 2016

DIY Placenta Encapsulation

Hello readers! Ha, I know, the title sounds interesting, yes? 

Yup, gonna share with you guys how I encapsulated (and consume) my own placenta. Google it, many mothers have done it, for a fee, but I did it on my own - for free. Ok, hubby helped to do it actually.

I'm sharing this to show that this is do-able. For readers who want to do this after birth, you can do on your own at home too ya.

After the doctor birthed my placenta, hubby put it into the ice box, took it home, cleaned it, and put it into the freezer. No time to do it on the same day, and he only had time to do it two weeks later.

Not gonna show you how the whole thawed placenta looks like, scared you all faint, haha. But the first step is thaw the placenta, then steam it for about 20-25 minutes.

Then cut into small chunks, like below.

Set the oven to the lowest temperature, mine around 100 degrees, and 'bake' to dehydrate it, but be careful not to burn it. Make sure they turn hard (and dehydrate completely). After 5 hours baking, this is how it looks like.

Blend into powder.

Now, it looks like this.

Now, go buy some empty capsules from the pharmacy, and encapsulate them.

Benefits of placenta encapsulation: Wounds heal faster, more energetic, produce more breast milk, lessen post partum depression. How true is it? Well, I took two capsules in the morning and I stayed up all night, eyes big big. Too energetic? 

Friday 25 December 2015

Hello World

Hello world, I'm out! 3 days earlier than my EDD - estimated due date. This is me, after they bathed me after birth.

And this is me, at my home sweet home the very next day.

And you know what, I already know how to suck my thumb right after I'm out. Don't believe? Here's my picture, hehe.

Oh, by the way, this has nothing to do with SK, but my name is Wong Sherman, ta-daa! 

Mum and dad were still very undecided about my name few months ago, but one night, they were all watching Sherman & Peabody on Astro, and Kenzie korkor suddenly said 'I love Sherman', and so, Sherman it is!

Ok bye! Shall update you guys again :)

Monday 30 November 2015

A Break

Dear bloggers,

Just to update you guys. Will be taking a break from commenting in your blogs. I will start my annual leaves tomorrow (I still have 7 days), and then maternity leave (depending when I pop). Not very convenient typing from the phone, but I will still read your blogs from my blogroll everyday. Lagipun, stay at home everyday also nothing to do ma, kan? Can still read and surf, I just don't wana type from the phone, that's all.

Comments disabled, since this is just a simple announcement. I'll update you guys again, ya?


P/S: Another picture of my cute swollen feet.