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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Ship

While everybody blogs about Chinese New Year food, I will blog about Western food. 

I took a day off from work last Monday together with hubby so that we could go for a nice outing (without the boys *chuckle*). We went to a very nice old place, in Jalan Bukit Bintang - The Ship, yay!  

I had the seafood chowder.

Hubby had the creamy crab meat and corn soup.

I also tried their creamed spinach. Delicious!

For my main course, I ordered the seafood au-gratin. It has oysters, scallops, fish, squid and prawns inside, covered with bechamel sauce, topped with baked cheese. Ooooh la la, delicious to the max!

Hubby ordered the ribeye steak.

We had an enjoyable lunch, and I did a lot of walking and shopping too at Sg. Wang - an old place, full of memories for many I guess.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Suckling Pig Soup

I know the title sounds rude, but it IS suckling pig (abc) soup.

Hubby brought back some suckling pig heads and hands and feet from his "sau gong" dinner, and the very next day, I used them to boil my abc soup, together with some pork ribs, for taste, of course. Ooohh, and I added one piece of snail slice too.

Ingredients: Leftover suckling pig parts, snail slice(s), carrots, tomatoes and some pork ribs. Done. Just chuck everything into the pot and boil for 1.5-2 hours. Add salt. The taste? Boombasticalicious!

Saved some soup in a jar to make noodles for the boys this weekend too *wink*

Pssstt, please ignore those CNY cookies at the background. Those cookies can make you fat and gain 3 kg in a few days. Really.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Gonna be very straight forward, no secrets here. It's my blog, my like, my sukak anyways. I feel sleepy. I feel lazy. I feel tired. I don't feel like doing house chores. I don't feel like taking care of the kids. I sometimes hope I'm still single. And young. And surrounded by many many cute boys.

I've been feeling very tired and exhausted recently (no, not pregnant). And I'm not in the mood for blogging already. Reading blogs and commenting? Don't worry, am still reading blogs and commenting in your blogs, right? It's just that I'm not in the mood to blog, that's all.

Here's my routine. Wake up at 5.45am in the morning, feed G. Sit on the sofa, read blogs, comment (sometimes, I read and comment the night before, when I was about to sleep). Shower, wake Kz up, get him ready for school, leave the house at 6.45am, send G to the nursery, leave my condo by 7am, go to work, back by 7pm, vacuum the house, do the laundry, watch some TV, put the kids to bed by 9.30pm, and the cycle goes on. 

I just feel so tired, so exhausted, so sleepy almost everyday. I wish I could take 5 days MC (annual leaves are saved for emergencies) to just sleep and do nothing and house chores done magically on their own with just a finger snap like Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee.

See my eye bags? Sign of ageing maybe? Or lack of sleep?

Monday, 2 February 2015


Lately not in the mood for blogging but of course I'll still post something to make it going. Just to show you all my simple Sunday. I know not the first time I blog about Sunday, with the same title, but I think this is slightly something different.

Made cheese omelette for the boys, served with yoghurt, and oooohhh wafer sticks for Kz. I used 3 eggs and 2 slices of cheddar for the omelette.

They love it and Kz finished his breakfast! Then my omelette must be good. No, very good!

Lunch is noodles with old cucumber soup and assorted balls and sausages. 

They took their nap as usual and when they woke up, hubby and I brought them downstairs to the playground.

And some cycling.

No swimming. Just playing with water...

and drinking water from the pool.

We went out for dinner and I wanted simple Western food.

Salad that comes with our main dish.

Mushroom soup, this one I like, doesn't taste like instant canned ones with a lot of water added. This one is full of herbs and spices, very creamy too.

Some sausage...

and nuggets for biting.

Ooooo and beef meatballs with mash too.

Here comes the main course. Carbonarra for me.

Roasted whole spring chicken for hubby.

And fish &chips for picky eater Kz.

Buurrrppp. Ok bye!