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Monday, 29 September 2014

Let It Go

Today's about letting go. Letting go of something and wake up from my fantasy. My mind is clear but my heart is not made of stone, baby. In fact, it's made of glass. Broke into a million pieces previously, sometimes I think it's better to leave it broken than hurt myself trying to fix it.

Have you ever hold on to something, something that you possess want so much, and then, let it go in the end? It feels so heavy-hearted. So difficult. My motto is simple, just like my tagline - Just do it, make it happen, but when it is starting to hurt, it's time to let go. 

I saw this in FB last week, a friend posted on her wall: Never let someone let you down for more than two times. One time, it's a warning. Two times, it's a lesson. More than that, it's a choice, don't blame anyone. I prefer to rephrase it to: More than that, it's stupidity. Plain stupidity. There's no turning back for stupidity. You think about it, utter some vulgar words, then move on.

So, let go when that thing is starting to eat you up. No point making a big hoo-haa out of it. The other party might be enjoying himself, heehee-haahaa celebrating, while you are here, crying about it. Silly, isn't it? So, so silly.

I saw Claire's comment in TM's post, which I like very much. Pinjam sekejap, k?
Life is short, time is fast, no replay, only in my mind, no rewind, only in my dreams, discard the sour, keep the sweet.

Dear heart,
Let me let go, forgive & forget about the past. Thank you. Oh heart, there's another message for you:

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Neighbor asked for help one Thursday to takecare of her girl on Saturday coz she has to go to work and her hubby has OT. I said yes of course. It's good to help our neighbors as we won't know when we need their help in future.

Woke up early to prepare breakfast ~ Bread with strawberry jam, scrambled eggs and bananas.

Little girl was amused with breakfast and those cute fancy picks. I sent the picture to her mum and she was impressed with all the oohhhs and aaahs and wahhhs, said she never prepared this kinda breakfast for her girl before.

Made Milo popsicles the night before and today, the kids could enjoy them.

After breakfast, it was time for shower. Then play. And when they started to get restless, I on the TV and *ding*, like magic, all quiet already.

Lunch time. Noodles in chicken soup with potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions and pumpkin.
Psst, nobody needs to know I boiled this the night before. 

Lunch for the little bosses.

Ok, time for afternoon nap. Two down, one more to go.

Yay, mission accomplished. Now I could sit down and rest.

When her mum came to pick her girl up, she said, "If you open a nursery or daycare or decide to make your house a playgroup for the condo community, I'll be the first to enrol".

Playgroup? Nah. I have mild OCD, I don't think I can hold for even a few hours.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I Got My Detergents - Yay!

I received a parcel in the office consisting of laundry liquids about two weeks ago. This is NOT a paid post, but when you receive something free of charge, well, of course you have to use and review it, then blog about it. So that's what I'm gonna do now. 

The products are called Ecover products. It is a new brand of eco friendly household cleaners. The brand is over 30 years old globally, but very very new in Asia, so I think I was the first few ones (*ahem*) to road test them! Ecover’s cleaners use powerful ingredients made from plants and minerals, and they really walk the talk with their ecological factories.

It's safe for the entire family. It's: 
Tested for sensitive skin
Kind to your hands thanks to plant based and mineral ingredients
No petrochemical ingredients
No residue of unnecessary chemicals left on your clothes
Fresh perfume from plant based ingredients
Washes efficiently using the power of nature
Not tested on animals

Here's my loot.

A bottle of laundry liquid - for normal regular washing - Ecover products do not use phosphates (very bad for the environment and the water in rivers and lakes) Ecover was founded by a man who saw a need for cleaners without phosphates when he noticed his local streams were becoming extremely polluted. So as far back as Ecover’s beginning in 1980, the brand has never used phosphates in their products.
They also don’t use optical brighteners. This is the stuff that is added to laundry detergents to make your white clothes look even whiter. So when detergents promise you clothes that are ‘whiter than white’ .. be careful! It’s a synthetic chemical that doesn’t have anything to do with cleaning, and is left behind in clothes after the wash, so you’re the optical brighteners will rub off on your skin when you wear your newly washed clothes. It can cause skin allergies!

A bottle of laundry liquid, for fine fabrics - Ecover delicate is for fine fabrics, woollen clothes and silky materials. They even have the Woolmark approved logo, so it’s safe to use with wool clothes and winter wear. 

A bottle of laundry conditioner, something like a softener I reckon.
This softener is also cloth diaper friendly, because baby’s bum bum is very sensitive. Ecover softener does not cause product buildup, so no skin irritation. Good to use when washing the boss’ clothes.

Plus, four boxes of these, but they're all EMPTY boxes. I don't know why they were sent to me, since they're all empty.

***Oohh, updates as at 18.09.2014 @ 8am.
They replied my email and said that these empty Dylon boxes that was sent to me was 
just a filler so that the Ecover products are packed well. So, I was right - as cushions.

I don't have expensive silk or satin dresses to use this with, so I use it to soak my G's clothes. What's more delicate than a baby's skin? 

G's rompers and pants, soaking in the tub. It smells like lemon juice plus milk. Really. 

Psst, Ecover gets really serious about being safe for family use and looking after the environment. All their bottles are made from sugarcane! They call it Plantastic … plant-tastic .. geddit? So they are 100% recyclable. Makes me feel better, even though I also reuse my empty bottles.

Eh, what is this? The boss having his afternoon nap. Out of topic, back to Ecover please.

In the evening, I used the regular laundry liquid, mixed with this conditioner aka softener (I reckon) to try. Then I wash my laundry as usual. 

After 45 minutes, done. Here's my laundry for the day. 

Here comes my humble review. I'm a very simple but straight-to-the-point person. I write what I feel. 

My laundry smells like creamy liquid cleaners. Like C*F or J*F brand, those type, if you know what I mean. Try mixing C*F with water, and rub together with your hands. It smells just like that. The smell is acceptable, doesn't smell as strong as normal commercial laundry liquid. To be really honest, I prefer my laundry to have more fragrant smell, but I'm not complaining, because Ecover is plant-based, so not expecting "flowery" smell is normal.

Overall verdict and the texture? Very soft, I like. It smells ok when I took my laundry out from the machine, and when the clothes dried up the next day, there was still that refreshing lemon-milkish-cream smell.

I know you guys are getting bored already, teehee. Wait, if you are interested to try, you can email to

Ok bye!