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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Japanese Potato Salad

First thing my colleague said was "Looks like fried rice" when I showed him the picture yesterday. And first thing another colleague said justnow was "Nasi ayam" when he saw this photo just a few minutes ago.

LOL, it's not nasi ayam la, it's my delicious Japanese potato salad.

Pasta Zanmai serves similar stuff at RM7.90 per scoop. Crazy. I tell myself may as well learn and make my own. So I googled how to make Japanese potato salad. Looks easy, and I have all the ingredients.

Just one thing - lots of chopping to do. 

The ingredients are simple - potatoes, eggs, cucumber, carrots, red onion and Japanese mayo (Kewpie). Boil eggs and potatoes, mash them up, chop the remaining ingredients, and mix everything with Kewpie mayo.

And there, Japanese potato salad, no need to pay RM7.90 for a scoop to eat in restaurant already.

Out of topic, I bought this banana walnut muffin from the kedai runcit yesterday, the lady boss said just arrived, new product. When I took a bite, errr, banana essence got la, real bananas don't have. RM1.50 per piece. Can try though.

Ok, bye!