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Monday, 6 June 2016

Still Around

Dearies. I'm still around. Just not as active. I'm still reading your blogs, just not commenting.

I did not report to work for almost two weeks. Sherman was admitted to the hospital on 16th May (Monday evening), and discharged on 21st May (Saturday) morning. We thought the nightmare was already over and we could go back to our daily routine, BUT fever came back on 23rd May! We took Sherman to the famous doctor located at Jalan Ipoh, and asked for her second opinion. Apparently, it wasn't Kawasaki recurrence, just infection because his immune system was already weak and all. Took antibiotics for 3 days, and fever gone. Thank God.

Babies are not the same as adults. You GOTTA be there 24 hours a day. You can't say "Ok, we are going to work now, we will come see you after work, k". 

For the past two weeks, me and hubby rotated like a robot. Morning, I sent Kz & G to school, then went to the hospital for Sherman. Hubby took his shower in the hospital, and went to work for a while to settle his things. He came back to the hospital around 4pm, and I went to pickup Kz & G from school and sent them home. Next morning, same routine. Hubby slept in the hospital one week already. 

Things are pretty back to normal this week. But the phobia is still there. Kawasaki fever is something we can't control, can't prevent. It just happens (wtf when the doctor said this, but yes, it just happens - feeling MEH).  

Ok, bye!