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Thursday, 28 August 2014


It's hard to describe my feelings now. Mixed feelings I would say. Things are not really okay. No, not me. Somebody.

I used to envy that somebody who doesn't need to work, stay at home and take care of the kids only, shopping, go for facials, manicures+pedicures, hair-do's, buy branded stuffs most of the time. But now, I won't be complaining about a single thing anymore. Yes, am counting my blessings now.

It feels so surreal. I need someone to pinch me on the face to confirm this is not a dream.
One mistake, and life is crushed.

I've seen this somewhere - Everything is going to be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.

No photos for this post? Ok, as usual, I'm gonna put my selfie picture here. Maybe some of you are missing me terribly already.
*Suka tengok boleh komen, tak suka tengok tak payah komen, thank you.

Everything is going to be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.

Note: I will not be commenting for the time being, til my mojo comes back. Don't worry, I'm still here, just a click away. I will still be reading your blogs, I just don't comment only la.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Homecooked - A Heavy Breakfast

I woke up early and made these the other day.

1) Homemade chicken nuggets
Ingredients: 1 piece of chicken breast, 1 potato, some carrots. Steam and blend everything together, can add broccoli or cheese. Roll into balls, dabbed in egg, coat with Nestum and lightly fry in cooking oil.

2) Flourless banana pancake 
Ingredients: 2 eggs, 1 banana. Mash banana and crack two eggs, whisk everything using a fork and fry on non stick pan. It tastes like banana omelette. If you are expecting classic pancake texture, this is not for you.

3) Pizza
Ingredients: Bread or wraps or instant puff pastries (depending what you have in the kitchen or how much you want to do), sausages, mixed peas, tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, can add onions or mushrooms, but who wants to do so much early morning? Spread tomato sauce on bread, add sausages, mixed peas and top with cheese. Bake for 10 minutes. 

Heavy breakfast? Yes indeed. Lots of work too. But that's me, when I have the mood, then I'll do it. Else, it's just Fruit Loops+Honey Stars+Koko Crunch with milk for breakfast. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Phone Call

The school called around 4.30pm. I was working. My heart skipped a beat. Each time, when Kz's school or G's nursery calls, it's not a good thing. Never a good thing.  

I was prepared, it's either:
1) Fever
2) Something else

Principle: Mrs. Wong, this is Cathy, your son knocked on the cabinet, we already applied "wong yok sui", it was bleeding justnow, but now it looks alright, but I still need to inform you.

Me: Wait, kena where? 

Principle: The area between his eye and eye brow. 

Me: WHAT ???!!! Kena eyes or NOT?

Principle: No, no, no, no kena eyes. He was running around with a friend, then he knocked on the cabinet.

Me: *paused* What should I say, takkan I scold the school? 
Ok, I understand these things bound to happen, hope the teachers can keep an eye on them in future.

Principle: There were two teachers taking care of them, keeping an eye, but everything happened too fast, you know la, kids. So just to inform you ya.

Me: Can whatsapp me his photos now? I want to see how deep is the cut.

Principle: Ok, no problem.

And she whatsapp-ed these photos to me. Maybe it looks ok to you, or it's not that deep/serious, but what happens if he hits the eye? 

I believe the teacher asked him to smile and pose for the camera. I could imagine the teacher telling him "Kz, please smile for the camera, your mummy wants to see your face, please look like you are very happy". 

Ok, sorry, I'm being suspicious.

I applied some tea tree oil on him that night. The cut looks ok now. I think there will be a scar, coz he scratches and peels the "crusty thingy" a few times, and now it's "wet" again, without that "crusty thingy". But well, not complaining, as long as he remains healthy, happy and safe everyday. 

Monday, 11 August 2014

My Meals

Somebody once said porridge is for poor people (this statement can offend many people), and his dinner sometimes looks like "poor people's food". Puh-leese, poor people don't even have food to eat. Your mum cooks dinner for you, so just appreciate it.

You know who you are. Read mine.

Once a week, I boil soup (in the rice cooker, after I rush back from work) - for next day's dinner. So the next day, I only boil rice, and have that with soup only.

On certain nights, when I'm free after dinner (before I sleep), I'll cook a simple "one-pot" dish (yat wok sook) and keep it in the fridge - for next day's dinner too. So the next day, I just boil rice, and eat this "yat wok sook" dish only. Sometimes, the dish can last for 2x dinner.

When I'm on leave or if I don't go to work, I'll cook one extra dish. Chin tan (fry egg), chau choy (fry vege) and maybe one ginger chicken dish. Simple dishes only.

By the way, I bring my own lunch to work, no fancy lunch outside. Ok, maybe once or twice a week, that's it. But most days, lunch in the office from dinner the previous night. I don't go out as often as you for lunch. From your post, you eat out everyday. Look at my lunch.  Rice (with some furikake), vegetables and some meat only - from last night's dinner.

Sometimes, if I'm hardworking, I'll make breakfast for lunch. Bread with egg, cheese, maybe fry some fish fillets and sausages as a treat once a while - I keep these for lunch while I have a cup of Milo only for breakfast.

Ok, now come weekends. While you are busy going out with friends or eating out with family, I stay home and cook one-pot dishes again. Like this simple spaghetti.

Or fried rice with ham and eggs only.

Hubby never complains about the food I cook. The rule is: I cook what, he eats what. 

Don't complain. Ok baa?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Having It For Once

Certain things in life
We must have/experience it for once in our lifetime
How many 30 years we've got?

I once had you
I once loved you
You were mine
What remained now are just memories 

I fall in love
The feeling slowly grows
I miss you everyday
I think I can't live without you

You said you'd walk with me
Love me, be with me
But you went away, leaving me alone
My heart was broken into a million pieces
On most nights, I just cry myself to sleep

I'm strong
I have to be
I can kick you out from my life in a second if I'd wanted to
I choose to think about you
I choose to have you in my life
I choose to make space in my heart for you

What about you?
You were never supposed to exist in my life in the first place
But will you come back to me?

Nah, it's not an affair
Although the way I'm writing looks like it's one

A BAG, you bimbo!

Inspired by a friend while we were chatting, I've decided to blog about "having it for once in our life"
Could be anything - A bag, in her case

So do you agree about having that "thing" at least for once in your life?
A (very) expensive bag, pink hair-dyeing, donating to a sperm/egg bank, becoming a surrogate mummy (ok, it's not legalized in Malaysia), could be anything
Anyone, anysecretsthing to share? 

Friday, 1 August 2014

No-Comment Post

Boo! Sorry 2 posts in a day. Just to let you guys know I cut my hair already.
Sheta commented it's too short when she saw me at the canteen yesterday.

By the way, I copycat SK on posting comments. The comment button has been disabled.
So you guys just see (me) only ok? No need comment.


Simple Breakfast Bento

Yep, started with these - Very cute and fancy food picks.

Got these from Daiso at RM5 per pack. Too cute to resist from buying. Made breakfast box for hubby - just for fun - for 5 (working) days - which I've compiled for my record.

Bento Breakfast # 1 @ Monday
Potato+egg+mixed peas+cheese cocktails salad and an apple
Secret sauce: Kewpie Japanese mayo

Bento Breakfast # 2 @ Tuesday
Bread with cheese (with butter), honey omelette and cherry tomatoes

Bento Breakfast # 3 @ Wednesday
Tuna mayo+corn rolls, steamed broccoli and an orange

Bento Breakfast # 4 @ Thursday
2 hard boiled eggs, 4 mini cheese-cocktails, cherry tomatoes and an orange.

Bento Breakfast # 5 @ Friday
Ran out of ideas, out of food, getting lazy. Haha.
So it was just (the same rotation): Butter+jam & peanut butter+jam rolls, 1 hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and an apple. 

Not making anymore coz hubby says it's too much for him to eat in the morning. Also, coz I think he's shy eating this in the office, so he ate in the car before going into the office. Excuses.