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Monday, 30 June 2014

Our Sunday

This post is about kid's food and kid's faces again, coz really, I stay at home ALL the time. Even if we go out, it's either to the mil's or to my mum's.

Anyway, my Sunday begins with preparing food for the kids. For a change, I didn't cook porridge that day. I made pancakes with strawberry jam, scrambled eggs, cut up some oranges and made a cup of Nestum for Kz.

As for G, I let him hold some pancakes and he loves it. 
P/S: Can you see the scar on his forehead? Yep, the stitches are healing, but there's still a scar. Sigh.
Oh, you didn't know what happen to him? Here.

The picky eater slowly enjoying his breakfast, but I don't think he could finish all. Well at least he ate SOME of it.

After he left the dining table, this was what left. Better than no eat at all, yes?

What? No more? But the title is "Our Sunday". So what happens after breakfast? The same old thing - they watched TV, then nap, then lunch, then play, then nap again and ta-daaa, night time already, everybody sleep. 

That's my life.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Butter Orange Cookies

Long time no baking post already, so here's one, which I baked last weekend. There were two oranges in the fridge. A big chunk of butter and miserable very little icing sugar left. 

So, what else? Butter cookies! The 1,2,3 recipe. Yay! 100g sugar+200g butter+300g flour makes the best melt-in-the-mouth butter cookies recipe! Oh and zest from approximately 1.5 oranges. Optional, but my cookies, my sukak, my like! That's all you need, really! But makesure you use good quality butter, baru "heong" (fragrant). I used Emborg, if you want to know.

I mixed all ingredients with my hand. Rolled them into balls. Pressed down some patterns with a fork.

Baked at 180 degrees for about 25 minutes. These was the first batch.

Then second batch. Something wrong with the lighting?

This recipe makes about 50 pieces cookies. If you have a bigger oven and also the time, you can shape it smaller (then bake in 2 batches), and you will have > 50 pieces.

Not self praising, but hubby ate >10 pieces the moment I took them out from the oven. If hubby eats my cookies, means those are good I tell you. He doesn't like sweet stuffs like cookies/cakes, and normally won't touch more than 2 pieces nomatter how hard I begged. But this time, wow. Really, I was like, wow. 


Friday, 20 June 2014

Short, Sweet & Simple

Inspired by SK, today Princess Ribbon also wants to post something nice & short & sweet & simple & easy to understand.

Had lunch with colleagues at somewhere in Subang Jaya yesterday. Oh, wait, the place called Ho Ho Sek @ Chow Yang SS2. Didn't bother recognizing the place as I wasn't the one driving anyway. And, it was too sunny to take photo of the food court plus I'd look pretty silly standing under the scorching sun to take photo of the food court's name.

I ordered 'mun farn' plus an additional fried egg. RM7.00. To me, it's rice in 'banjir' eggy (wat-tan) gravy. Call me jakun. Yesterday was the first time I tried 'mun farn'.

So does this look like wat-tan-hor?

Monday, 16 June 2014


Simple post today. This was saved in my draft before G got sick. Short one. Sunday. Nothing special. Routine.

First thing when the kids wake up, drawing on the Doodle board, playing blocks, alphabet foams, number foams, the usual ABC-123 thingy, G chewing on flash cards and book corners. I serve breakfast at 7.30am. Porridge for G, and oats for Kz (if there's no bribe), else, I would feed both the same porridge. After breakfast, I steamed Milo cupcakes again, *backside itchy*.

Shower time around 8am. I now shower them together to save time ever since G started walking and could balance himself while standing.

YouTube time after shower. G naps after that. I do house chores and prepare lunch while he naps. Kz would sit at his corner happily with his tablet, a bowl of Koko Crunch, yogurt and juice. I would be watching the Korean drama -  "The Sun Embracing The Moon" at this time. 

Lunch at 11.30am. Both naps after lunch. Here's G, asleep in the stroller. Don't ask. I need the stroller to make him sleep. 

Fast forward, prepare to cook dinner around 4.30pm.

 #1 - My trademark oyster-sauce-tomato-sauce roast chicken

#2 - Vegetables with glass vermicelli & fried fuzhuk

#3 - Simple steamed fish with ginger slices & tomatoes

I do more when I'm at home - during the weekend or when there's a holiday (and hubby needs to work). Am sure most (mummies) agree with me. When I'm working (in the office), I do less, and more relaxed . Afterall I spend most of the day in the office, and by the time I get home, it's already evening *guilty confession*. Anyway, am not complaining. It's normal becoming a slave playmate and play"maid" for the kids :)

Janji everyone hepi!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

G's Story

Not sure if readers would like to know what happened to G, but I'm writing for my own record.

26.05.2014, Monday - G had his MMR jab as scheduled (1 year old vaccine)
27.05.2014, Tuesday - G didn't have appetite and seemed to be less active than usual. Was it the effect from MMR?
28.05.2014, Wednesday - G woke up with one side swollen eye and a fever. Took him to the paed, was given antibiotics due to throat infection. Rectum tablet inserted to control his high fever.
29.05.2014, Thursday - G did not get any better and his fever did not subside. Rectum tablet inserted to control his high fever.
30.05.2014, Friday - G's not getting any better. Temperature spiked up to 39.8 degrees and we were uncomfortable with the rectum tablet already. Decided to admit him to the hospital. Throat very swollen with white spots. His hand was hooked up with the IV line from Friday til Monday.

02.06.2014, Monday - Throat cleared. Discharged.

Went home. High fever came again. Rectum tablet inserted. Temperature came back at night, I kept sponging his head and forehead to control the temperature.
03.06.2014, Tuesday - Temperature spiked up to 39.3 in the morning. Rectum tablet inserted. Seek 2nd opinion. Went to another doctor. Recommended by hubby's boss, this doctor is very popular with kids having high fever (and not subsiding) and all. Came back in the afternoon, took the medicine and the fever never came back! If I'd known earlier, I would have brought G to this doctor, and he didn't need to be admitted.

Just when we thought the nightmare was finally over, G fell from the bed, knocked his head, back to the hospital again, and received 3 stitches! The hospital had to call the neurosurgeon and the anesthetist. I felt like killing myself.
04.06.2014, Wednesday - Recuperating. 
05.06.2014, Thursday - Better.
06.06.2014, Friday - Better.

I'm back to work on Monday, 09.06.2014, G's with my mum for a week. Too tired to write anything else. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014


I'll pause a while in my blog and also commenting in other blogs. G was admitted due to high fever from tonsilitis. I need your hugs & prayers. See you once I'm back on my feet.