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Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Rant post ahead.

G's nursery is having extended Raya holidays for one whole week, from 20th til 24th July. So I had no choice but to ask for my mum's help to takecare of G for the whole week. She agreed and has no problem with that. 

She brought G out to shopping malls and restaurants alone. Ok, I don't mind that. Without the car seat. Ok, I try to "close eyes" on that too. If the shopping mall is too faraway from home, she calls a cab and bring G along, alone. Ok, that one too I won't say anything. She cannot "sit still", I understand.  

But now, I want to rant on this one. G has not poo-ed for two days. Finally yesterday night, mum reported through Whatsapp and said finally G has poo-ed. 

I replied, "Good, thank God". 
She replied, "I pumped him".
***The "pump" is enema, small "pump" filled with liquid medicine to be inserted into the anus to stimulate poo-ing.

My mood was alright the whole evening until she told me about this. He doesn't have any constipation problem, just late in poo-ing, why can't she just wait? She could feed some bananas, or give more water. Why she wanted to interfere with the pump? Oh God, please don't let her start with this pump thing, G still has 3 more days with her there. I really hate dislike it when mum behaves like she knows best and "lek mm chit" (pandai-pandai).

Hubby asked me not to argue with her in Whatsapp anymore, else if she says, "If you are so papai, then just come and pickup your son home", then die. True. I stopped the conversation, tried to forget everything and went to bed. 

Ok, I know I should be thankful as I still have my parents here with me, and I can ask for their help if there's any emergency cases, like this one. But....... having an "educated" and "modern" mum and who can't "sit still" at home, erm, stress. I prefer the nursery than mum's place. Really.

Ok bye!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Big Bowl

Here's my big bowl of homecooked ginger & sesame oil kidney and liver soup. They say preggers cannot eat so much liver, as too much Vitamin A can harm the baby, but, I could not resist the temptation when I think of pork kidney & liver. Thus, I asked my MIL to buy me some kidney & liver from the market so that I can make my favourite bowl of ginger & sesame oil goodness.

My recipe is simple. Wash well your innards. Then ginger and garlic (optional) sauteed in sesame oil. Add water (you don't need chicken stock). Add some oyster sauce, soya sauce, that's it. Let it simmer, then off the fire. Yes, off the fire, then chuck in the kidney and liver. Make sure they don't over cook. Remove pot from the stove, the innards will continue to cook inside, don't worry.

They also say preggers cannot eat so much tuna. But I have been eating tuna sandwiches every morning for the past 3 weeks. Hmmmmm. I have been also drinking old cucumber soup, bitter gourd soup and lots of icy drinks and rock sugar too. Maybe cincai already, 3rd pregnancy ma.

Ok, time to control my diet. Bye.