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Monday, 25 June 2012


Down with fever, flu and sore throat yesterday. Went to see doctor, and he gave me antibiotics. I would be happy if it's because I'm pregnant. But I don't think I hit the jackpot this month. My period came on 2nd this month, the OPK only shows positive result on 21st ! It's a bit late, don't you think so? But because I have quite a long cycle (31 / 32 / sometimes 33 days), ovulating on CD 20 (start counting 2nd as CD 1) is not impossible. Anyway, today is only 25th. I will be expecting my menses around 2nd / 3rd / 4th July next month.

Hate the 2 ww (2 week wait).

By the way, Kz also down with the flu and cough. How come toddlers take so long time to recover? For the past few days he has been having very cold sweat, cold body+hands+legs too.
So no choice, have to "bao bachang, bao dou sat sat".

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kenzie In Summary (0-14 mth)

Regretted for not starting to blog since day 1 when Kz was born, so that I can record everything, but nevermind, it's never too late to start right? So here's baby Kz in a nutshell, from day1 to present (14 months).

His routine on weekdays:
Daytime til 6.30pm (til we finish work) - nanny's place (I don't know and don't have a say and can't control what he does there everyday. I got a feeling nanny just put him inside the playpen, on the Doraemon dvd, easy!)
6.30pm - 7pm ish: play while waiting for mommy and daddy to cook/have dinner
6.45pm - snacks on mashed potatoes+cheese+butter while mommy and daddy having dinner
7.45pm: milk
8pm: mommy time in the master bedroom (activities: learn abc, read, talking, hugging, kissing, etc)
9pm: play / watch tv / tablet time with daddy in the living room
9.30pm: get ready for zzz
10pm: milk
10.30pm: zzz

His routine on weekends:
Anytime from 8.15am - 9am: wakeup, pom-pom (bath)
9.30am: breakfast
10am: some tv while mommy bathe / mop floor, etc
10.30am: mommy time in masterbedroom (when I say mommy time means learn abc/reading/talking/playing with educational toys)
11.30am: milk, then zzz
12.45am: wakeup from nap, lunch
2pm or 3pm: usually go out (jusco / in law's place)
6.30pm or 7pm: back from in law's place, pom-pom (bath)
7.30pm: daddy time in the living room while mommy does some stuffs; eg: prepare to cook his porridge in the slow cooker / bathe / wash clothes / keep clothes
8.30pm: mommy time in the master bedroom
9.30pm: some tv time in the living room
10pm onwards: milk, then zzz

Breakfast, lunch & dinner = porridge (boiled with sau yoke / fish / beef  / dried scallops, on top with 1 or 2 vegetable cubes (steamed and pureed pumpkin/potatoes/carrots/tomatoes/brocoli/sweet potatoes)
Snacks = a little bit of anything the adults are having (usually bread, biscuits, cake, soup, yogurt)
Mommy made "ABC soup in a cube" to put inside his porridge (steamed+pureed potato, carrots, onions and tomatoes). Smart eh?

Talk: A, O, I, ah yee, mama, papa, mummum, nennen, gaigai, "K" phonics, "G" phonics, fish (ish), S for shoe (shhh)
Knows: good (show thumbs up), bye bye, fan (look up the ceiling and point but using thumbs up), ABCDE (he can show the alphabets on the alphabet abacus), Peter&Jane (he will look at the place where the books are kept when I mentioned Peter&Jane), book, ABC (flash cards), pah pah (scared scared - he will beat his chest with both hands)..............................***He knows a lot more, but quite hard to put it in words...
Walk: He finally started walking a few steps 2 days shy of 14 months.

Activities (educational):
Wooden toys (Alphabet abacus, pegged puzzles, xylaphone, wooden building blocks, wooden coloured chips), stacking donuts, stacking cups, shape sorters, alphabet foams, flashcards, books, alphabet beading (of coz he doesnt know this yet), aquadoodle mat..................  ***a few more, but I cant really recall now

Activities (non educational):
I call it "do nonsense": rolling things on the floor and going after it (cups, wooden building blocks, powder container, tea tree oil bottle, anything that rolls), playing peek-a-boo using his lampin, throwing things on the floor and seeing them "separate" (stacking cups), throwing things from the bed to the floor to see them drop and hear the sound that comes with it, bite people ................***many more, cant recall now

Here's to share Kz's many faces :)

Baby # 2 - In The Making

People say after you already have a baby, the second one will come easy. Well, I can confirm now that it is NOT TRUE (ok, maybe for somebody else, they can conceive easily, but not me).

Before marriage - nah, not a problem, who cares? Not married yet what, so no need to rush. If pregnant already how to fit into my wedding dress?

After marriage; 1st month - I don't think I am one of those who will take 10 years to get pregnant. I think I am not infertile. The word infertile sounds so scary. Like, barren. Puh-leese. I am young, my period is consistent every month, I think I am going to get pregnant this month. It's simple, have sex, shoot the little swimmers inside, there!

2nd month - Nevermind, last month did not conceive, this month will definitely conceive.

3rd month - No issues. Afterall, I have just been married for 3 months. No pressure.

4th month - Am I doing it the correct way? (positions, timing, etc)

5th month - Friends one by one slowly getting pregnant. They announce all over in FB. Stupid fools.

6th month - Been married for half a year already. Still not pregnant. Starting to feel the jitters. Am I infertile? What's wrong with me? My tubes and eggs ok? Hub's little swimmers ok?

7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th month - Continue to f**k like a routine/homework/duty.

***Many things happened along the way which I would not mention here (although it's my own private blog). I've gone through chinese and western methods, took pills like bak-foong pills, clomid, boil herbs, spent loads on ovulation testers, pregnancy testers, you name it. Finally resort to hormone injections and western medication.

14th month - Finally pregnant with Kz

Fast forward to:
Present (June 2012) - Trying for 2nd baby since months ago. No news.
Feeling: F**ked up.