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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Baby # 2 - In The Making

People say after you already have a baby, the second one will come easy. Well, I can confirm now that it is NOT TRUE (ok, maybe for somebody else, they can conceive easily, but not me).

Before marriage - nah, not a problem, who cares? Not married yet what, so no need to rush. If pregnant already how to fit into my wedding dress?

After marriage; 1st month - I don't think I am one of those who will take 10 years to get pregnant. I think I am not infertile. The word infertile sounds so scary. Like, barren. Puh-leese. I am young, my period is consistent every month, I think I am going to get pregnant this month. It's simple, have sex, shoot the little swimmers inside, there!

2nd month - Nevermind, last month did not conceive, this month will definitely conceive.

3rd month - No issues. Afterall, I have just been married for 3 months. No pressure.

4th month - Am I doing it the correct way? (positions, timing, etc)

5th month - Friends one by one slowly getting pregnant. They announce all over in FB. Stupid fools.

6th month - Been married for half a year already. Still not pregnant. Starting to feel the jitters. Am I infertile? What's wrong with me? My tubes and eggs ok? Hub's little swimmers ok?

7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th month - Continue to f**k like a routine/homework/duty.

***Many things happened along the way which I would not mention here (although it's my own private blog). I've gone through chinese and western methods, took pills like bak-foong pills, clomid, boil herbs, spent loads on ovulation testers, pregnancy testers, you name it. Finally resort to hormone injections and western medication.

14th month - Finally pregnant with Kz

Fast forward to:
Present (June 2012) - Trying for 2nd baby since months ago. No news.
Feeling: F**ked up.

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