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Thursday, 24 July 2014


A post before the upcoming holidays.

Many people I know are already making plans where to go, what to eat, where to eat, even where to go for a short day-trip. But for Princess Ribbon here, it makes no difference. Still another ordinary day. Means, I'm staying at home taking care of the kids again. Boring?

Back to the kids, if they don't fight, I am happy. It's tiring to be alert and keep an eye, especially after what happened to G. But well, am not complaining, this is what I have to do, as parents, comes together in the package if I want to have kids. 

G's not interested with toys or the TV. When Kz is playing with something, G comes and attack, and vice-versa. So, they fight - all the time. Here's their rack. Would you be interested with this? Do you find it impossible that G doesn't even like one thing from this loot?

Ok, now come lunch. Lunch when I'm alone is simple. I only cook simple food. I will be making something like this - again. Soupy noodles with egg and assorted balls. Boring?

After the kids nap, my turn to eat. No, I don't sleep when the kids sleep. That's the time for me to eat and do house chores. I don't eat instant noodles all the time, but if I want something fast (so that I can start doing my house chores) this is the easiest thing I can whip up - Mamee Chef tomyam instant noodles! *Slurp*

Yep, I'll be eating this in my smelly pyjamas, oily face, messy hair, oohh with a stinky mouth too. *I only brush my teeth when I shower in the afternoon after both of them nap*

So dear readers, I guess this is how my holiday will look like - from this Saturday until next Wednesday. Happy holidays!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Sometimes They Come Back - Again

I promised that I would blog about this. About my attacks. No, not heart attacks bimbo! I think they are panic attacks, or anxiety attacks. Yes, I have these attacks. I look perfectly cute *ahem* and normal on the outside. I'm not praising myself, but really, if I tell people I have (mild) depression, they will choke on their saliva out of disbelief.

First encounter happened about one year ago. I was lying on the sofa. Suddenly, I couldn't breathe. I felt like I was choking, something was in my throat. I couldn't even swallow. I looked up the ceiling, it was spinning. I was scared. Scared of everything, anything. I couldn't get up (I should've). Someone "accompanied" me til I felt alright, by messaging with me on the phone for two hours. I survived.

These attacks come and go during this one year span. Happened many times in between. I survived, of course. 

Then, three weeks ago, it came back, again. It was Saturday morning, hubby went to work. I was sitting on the couch. Suddenly, I couldn't breathe. My heart was beating very fast. Cold sweat all over my body. It was like I was drowning, couldn't breathe. I had to get up.

Someone promised to call at 9am. But it was only 7.30am that time. I couldn't wait. I got up again, had a cold shower. I felt better. Made myself busy, quickly fed both kids, bathed them, and rocked G to sleep, eyes kept looking at the clock.

And waited for the call. And kept praying. And survived.

Monday came. I went to work as usual. I felt completely normal.

Depression doesn't have a face. This (pretty) face *ahem* certainly doesn't look like having depression, does it? Dearie Phong Hong, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I'm alright, am dragging myself out of it, and I've read this post a million times, and still reading.

Monday, 14 July 2014


Inspired by many bloggers, I shall do a really quick and simple post today - lunch post. 

Went for lunch with colleagues at this place, located somewhere at Subang New Village.

Heard they are popular for their soupy "loh shi fun". So our friend ordered this. To me, it was just so-so. Soup was bland. Need to add soy sauce+cili padi baru sedap.

Next came the ginger-duck yee-mein. Recommended by the lady boss. But to me, it was also just so-so only.

Ahh, here comes my favourite, the stewed claypot pork. I love the fatty pork, rich in collagen.

And there's the dry claypot "fei jau" fish, with shallots and ginger.

Lastly, some greens to complete the meal.

One person's share was RM14. There were 9 of us. Price ok. 

But make sure, if you want to eat here during lunch time, please tie up your hair, roll up your sleeves (if you are a guy) and wear sleeveless (if you are a girl), haha, the place is HOT HOT HOT !!  

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Meeting Up For The First Time

Yep, it's her! Surprise! Met up with Sheta for lunch, and guess what? She's petite and so sweet in real person, really! I called her when I reached our lunch place, and when I heard her voice in the phone, I was like "OMG, she sounds so small, like a little kid", teehee.

Anyway, she's currently working next block to my office, the world is so small, yes? She whatsapp-ed me the other day, showed me her office address, and asked me, "You work nearby right"? I replied, "Whoa, that's so near babe! We can do lunch anytime".

So here's our lunch photos. Sorry, no food photos, we talked like non-stop from the moment we sat down til we left the place, Sheta was laughing non stop the moment  she saw me, I didn't know why - LOL. If you still want to know, well, I had "mun farn" with fried egg and she had fried rice with chicken. Burrrpppp* 

Nice meeting you girl!

Friday, 4 July 2014

I Hate Smokers

If you are a smoker, and you are reading my blog now, don't get offended.
Life is short, Just do it, Break The Rules, But Know The Boundaries.
YOLO - You Only Live Once!
Now, how cruel (or sarcastic) is that?

I hate smokers. FIL used to be a heavy smoker. But he has stopped now due to lung problems. Let me story you. Many many donkey years ago, when we were still dating, we were saving up to buy a house and to get married. Then FIL was admitted to hospital due to lung problems as he has been coughing for the past few months. All these due to his smoking problems. Spent a lot of money on operations, checkups, you know, those small little things, those small little visits to the hospital every now & then, hubby and BIL paid for the bills as they are the sons (and yes, we had to delay in buying the house due to money issues, hubby had to borrow money from his brother to settle some debts and all. Ooops, too much said here).

So yes, I hate smokers. Period.

Someone promised to quit. And he did. 10 months ago. And now, 10 months after, I just got to know he's on the ciggy again. I asked why coz he'd promised to quit. He said: No reason, just feel like it, that's all. I don't have to report to you right. I have a lot of things to think about. When I smoke, I can forget about them for a while.

So, it's true a leopard can't change its spots. I hate people who never honor their word. I hate fake people.