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Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Hello, a brief update from the princess! Am still around, but gotta admit, not active in blogging already. It's like this, once you I stop, you I slack. 

Sharon whatsapp-ed me justnow and said she misses me. And she said my dear Phong Hong mentioned me in her blog too. Am so touched, so I decided to post something right away.

You see, baby Sherman was hospitalized in May due to Kawasaki fever, and then, admitted again about two months ago due to UTI (urinary tract infection). Have been in-out-in-out from the hospital for routine checkups and follow-ups, been pretty down and "depressed" that time, so no mood blogging already.

Everything is fine now. And here's a picture of the 3 cheeky boys. The two abang dig nose dig until syiok syiok wei.