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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thank God

I had my usual monthly antenatal checkup done 2 weeks ago, on 5th March when I was 34 weeks + along. As usual, my gynae scanned my baby, measured the head diameter, etc. Usually the head diameter tallied with the weeks of my pregnancy. But on that day, baby's head diameter only measured at 32 weeks, whereas I was already 34 weeks + ! I panicked and worried, but my gynae was not concerned. He said 2 weeks difference is still acceptable, but still, I didn't feel good right away. I immediately had negative thoughts running into my head, like the baby is not growing, the placenta is not working properly to bring food and nutrients to the baby, etc.

He scheduled me for another checkup a week later. My baby was lying face down and that day was the 1st time he was laying faced down. All along during my checkups, he lays faced up. So I was assuming could it be the laying position? I prayed hard to God that it was because of its laying position and I talked to baby a lot asking him not to be naughty, please be normal, healthy and fine.

During the 1 week wait for my next scan, I did not have any mood for almost anything. I forced myself to drink a lot of milk as I assume milk will make the baby grow bigger. I could not accept if my baby stopped growing at week 32 because this time, family and colleagues commented that my tummy is bigger and seems that baby is larger. And also I boiled a lot of nutritious soups and tongsui during this pregnancy compared to the first pregnancy. So impossible my baby is not growing! I totally had no mood the whole week while waiting for the next checkup.

Fast forward, I had my next checkup at week 35+ which was last Tuesday, 12th March. Reached the hospital as usual at 8am. My gynae usually comes at 9am. The 1 hour wait is like a 3 hours wait. I was called in, and my heart was beating very fast. Thank god baby's head measured 36 weeks+ this time! He was laying faced up. Phewwwww. So I could conclude that the culprit was because of the laying position.

Thank God for everything.

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