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Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Hell-Hole Manager

Was having second thoughts on whether or not to publish this post, as I don't want to "pollute" my nice little pink blog mentioning about him, but well, since I wrote about The Biatch previously, may as well I write about The Bastard aka Hell-Hole as well. They make a pair.

Ok, about Mr. Hell-Hole. Never liked him from day1. He has a creepy face. Though I don't deal much with him (I do now, as I am helping with his work while waiting for the new "victim" to be hired), his face is really an eye-sore to me. He is sarcastic, suspicious, a hell hole and a bastard in the workplace!

Long story cut short, this is a letter to him, if he ever reads this one day.

Mr. Bastard-hellhole,

I do not mean to be rude, but may I ask how many times you want to broadcast the email? J has settled the issue, yes? He has called the customer and the customer has accepted the issue. And the managing director already knew about this, that it was my mistake. So what else do you want?

Oh yes, if you want to announce to other managers who were not in the loop about my mistake, I am cool with it. But please, before you hit the "send" button, include me in the loop, too ok? At least, I know I am being published. Please don't send to the entire world, but exclude me in the loop, and when the other party forwards back the mail to me, I feel like a complete asshole!

Funny when your guy made mistakes, you are quiet about it and did not interfere in our emails when we were solving the issue. But when the mistake comes from me/other dept, wow, you made a big hoo-haa about it, cc-ing all the big bosses and broadcasting about it when actually, the issue has already been solved.

And funny when I come early to do your work, or when I do it fast, you are quiet about it. I almost treated you dead because your name almost never appears in my inbox. You never interfere much unless there is a problem. But this time? Because of a small mistake, wow, you suddenly "revived" from the dead and enthusiastically fly emails around.

Bastard hell-hole, please do understand. I don't only do your work, you know? Go get somebody else to do your hell-hole work if you feel I am that so not good. I tell you, if that happens, I would go buy and open a bottle of champange to celebrate and toast it in front of you.

I hope you will be skinned alive, after that, buried alive as well.

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