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Friday, 25 October 2013

Don't Dream It's Over

Warning: Rant post. Emo post. Whatever.

25.10.2013 @ 9.30am

I feel powerful
I feel great
I feel I am in control
I can control
There's no right or wrong

I know what I am doing
I know what's happening
I know myself
I am myself

You may hate me
You may think I like to start fights
You may think I don't understand
You may think I'm a biatch

Life is short
Have fun
Break the rules
But know the boundaries

Maybe I'm fantasizing too much
Maybe I have too high expectations
Maybe I am too confident
Maybe I should't reveal too much
or Maybe I should, coz people who read this blog are all people that I don't know
So no harm

All good things will come to an end
Fantasy's over
Wake up
Let go
Don't dream, it's over

Currently listening to this song, which suits best with my emo today.


  1. fuyoh, at first i thought you can write poems.. but then as i read on, it seems to look like lyrics more!! hahaha.. anyway, nothing's wrong with ranting and emotional post wat, you are what you are, and remember "crazy" is your name!! only those who express themselves can get over and get through things more easily.. :)

    1. SK, this is not lyrics la.. It's my feelings la.. hahaha.. Feeling emo right now... Haiz...

  2. Today is Friday already lah Auntie... Just be happy that 5pm can clock out and go booze till mabuk. Tomorrow can go to massage spa and relax for 3 hours. Ask the makcik to urut out all the stress and be happy again.

    1. How to booze til drunk? Have to go home jaga anak la.. Weekends means jail time for me, no go out la. I hope there's something I can do that can release all the "farn lou" I am having, and then treat as nothing happened..

  3. ahem...whatever....happy weekend ahead la

  4. Replies
    1. I didnt say Ommmmmm... I say Breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Beautiful words...