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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

For 10 Months

Was looking at this picture and thought of all the bittersweet experiences which I have gone through to carry them full-term for 10 months in my womb and deliver them safely.

Do I wish to get pregnant again? Oh yes, I wish, hehe. Actually I have always wanted three kids, but the hubs said stop at two. So two it shall be. And pregnancy reminds me of some bittersweet experiences which I have been through, especially with baby G. Why? Here's why:

The bitter ones first. I had bleeding twice when I was carrying baby G, around 5th month during my pregnancy. I could still clearly remember, I was in the office washroom, and I saw reddish-brown discharge in my underwear. Gosh, I then rushed myself to see my gynae, given a jab, and was told to bed-rest for a few days. That moment, I couldn't wait to get over with the pregnancy and just give birth as soon as possible. 

Another irritating one? Heartburn (or gastro-esophageal reflux). 40%-80% of pregnant mummies suffer from this. My English is simple. Very layman. My version means stomach juices "travel" from the inside to my throat, and up (then out) through my nose! Yes, my nose! The "juices" come out through my nose, causing me to puke, and it happens each time after a big gulp, especially at night. Usually, I must have my beverage every night before bed, and since I always feel hot during pregnancy, I will drink a big glass of iced beverage or a cold drink before bed. But the larger the amount I drink, the larger amount of "stomach juices" will come up to my nose. And after about half an hour, true enough, the "juices" will go up to my throat and out through my nose, and I had to puke before going back to bed. It happens every night during the third trimester.

Those days, I just let it happen, and told myself all these will be over after the pregnancy. But now, pregnant mummies who suffer from this need not worry about this problem because there is pregnancy-safe liquid medicine to help sooth heartburn, like Gaviscon. It's completely safe, and 68% of pregnant mummies feel better within 10 minutes after consuming the liquid. Good news, ay?

Ok, bitter ones done. The sweet ones? Needless to say, the "freedom" to eat whatever I wanted (without gaining weight and having gestational diabetes), and also feeling the baby kicks. I craved for sweet foods when I was pregnant with baby G. Anything sweet, you name it - soft drinks, tong sui, ice cream, canned fruits, and I never get gestational diabetes nor gain much weight every month during my monthly antenatal checkup. Magical? 


  1. nothing to write so go and flip through your old photos in your folder and find something to write?? hahaha.. at least you are better, not as pathetic as me because i can only find food photos to blog about!! :D

    1. i guess bittersweet is also sweet right?? the bitter ones was just a process but the end result is a sweet one, so it's all worthwhile, agree?? unless you say sweet-bitter then it's a different story but i doubt so.. :)

    2. wah, you knew you are going to puke and yet you are gulping in cold water before sleep?? and i thought ladies, and especially pregnant ladies, should avoid drinking cold water?? hmmm, you naughty lah, purposely drink cold water so that you puke in order to get your hubby's attention leh?? kikikiki :p

    3. yeah, i think pregnant ladies are often allowed to eat what they suddenly crave off right?? can even crave for "stinky tofu" in the middle of the night, and then kick the husband off bed to demand him to bring back one packet.. and while we was wandering on the street in the wee hours, you called him and told him to get something else instead.. and when he's back home with that thing you craved for, you told him off that you didn't want to eat that anymore and continue back to sleep~~ :p

    4. Wah, you so clever la SK, I really like you leh.. Yes, I was flipping thru my photos in the gallery, chose 1 picture, and faster think about what to write when I was looking at the photo, hehe..

      Yes, during the 1st trimester, I avoided cold drinks la.. Kiasu ma.. Oh, it's actually kiasi... But after 2nd and 3rd trimester, hentam aje.. Ya wor, I kow already the juices will be puked out thru my nose later, but I still drink leh.. Once I start, I can't stop.. Oh the cold juice punya feeling, like heaven!

      Oh, my hubby didnt really made a big deal ouf of this puking thingy, coz he said memang biasa pregnant mummies puke/vomit wor.. So when I vomitted/puked, he felt this is a normal thing wor..

  2. Louiz, that photo of both your baby boys is so cute! Oh, you enjoy motherhood and the whole process. Good for you!