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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Counting Down

No, I'm not counting down the days for my confinement to be over. I'm counting down the days for the lady to leave! I can't wait for that day. I can't wait for her to leave! It's very eyesore for me when:

1) She eats non-stop my food from morning til evening. She helps herself to breakfast, sits comfortably at my dining table, makes coffee and treats my house like a hotel which offers free food (I did not know I need to provide her breakfast and tea, I thought just lunch)

2) She comfortably takes food from the fridge without asking my permission on whether that can be eaten (although I mentioned before she can eat anything in the house, I still prefer she asks first instead of just taking it freely like this is her own house (because certain food are in containers cooked by my mil/mum and those food are meant to be for me and hubby)

3) She is so free and has nothing to do from 12.30pm til 4pm everyday. She lazes on the couch like a corpse during that time but knows how to get up from her corpse position at 3pm to make her teatime food. It makes me feel my money is not worth it

4) She sits on my bed or her body touches my bed when she carries baby to the bed or when she comes in to check on baby. I have mild OCD and because of this I wash my bedsheets once every two days. She can come in to check on baby but please don't sit on my bed (and sometimes with feet up) and treat like it's your own house. I very don't like!

5) She dirties my kitchen and causes ants to come. My kitchen has so many ants everywhere ever since she came. She pre-fried ginger, garlic and ikan bilis in advance and store them in containers so that she doesn't have to prepare them each time she needs to use them. I don't mind this 'convenient' method of hers but because of the smell and oily containers, it has attracted the ants to come. I hate the sight of ants and I get so stressed!

6) She keeps saying "baby wants to eat" whenever he makes a single noise. Usually I would wait a while to see if he really wants to feed but most of the time he will sleep again after making some noise. I just can't stand it when she walks in like a zombie and says "baby wants to eat". Get lost, woman!

7) She really has nothing much to do and I am beginning to wonder was it a mistake hiring her or was I too independent? Without her, I could do everything myself (except cooking proper confinement food). I mean, come on, I wash clothes+hang clothes+vacumn+mop+bathe Kz+prepares Kz's breakfast and feed him+feed baby Gavin+change baby Gavin - all before she comes! Do I that need her?

8) She reaches at 9.20am in the morning and can't wait to leave before 5pm. Again yes, I can't wait for her to leave each day and I am more than happy to open the door for her to leave, but at the same time I am paying her RM2k, I feel she is not worth the price

9) She spoiled my bathroom shower hose

10) She does not do any housework except cincai mop the floor with plain water after she cooks

What can I do? Nothing. I could just wait she leaves as soon as possible, that's all. And get over it.

Lesson learnt: Go stay at a confinement centre if you have OCD, independent and still do housework everyday (coz you will feel you can still survive without the cl), don't like strangers in your house, don't like people dirtying the kitchen and causes ants to come and lastly, if you can afford. Confinement centres cost RM6k including meals. In my situation I am paying this daytime lady RM2k. Herbs (soups+dates drink) cost about RM600. Food (meat and vege) cost about RM500 (including stuffs like Bentong ginger, yellow wine). So you do the Maths. I save half of the market price (not yet included gas+electricity bills) but I don't get help during night time and still have to do housework.


  1. Hi Chris.. Was surprised you commented! I was and still am a silent reader of your blog.. I read almost all your baking, pregnancy, and baby Naomi's (since day 1) stories..

    About this crap lady, I dare not fire her as she is Kenzie's (my older baby boy) nanny's sister. It will be very hard to open my mouth. Sigh. Lesson learnt: Get a proper cl from agencies/confinement centres, else if you want to get a 'daytime helper', don't get from someone you know. It will be hard to fire her.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for reading my blog :)

    Hope all is well with you and kids now. I didn't hire any confinement lady and didn't do the so called confinement - and I was happier tho' very tired.


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