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Monday, 22 April 2013

My Confinement Story

Now, many will critisize or object strongly to what I am about to write. If you do not like what I am about to write, either click the x button on top or shut up if you want to continue reading.

As an introduction let me tell you that I did not hire a full time confinement lady (cl). I hired a daytime lady who comes from 9am and leaves at 5pm (well, I said 6pm initially but I also mentioned the word flexible, means she could leave after her chores are finished, and she really leaves at 5pm everyday!)

Anyway I hired a daytime lady because I know I will break the rules especially on bathing and washing hair issues. If I hire a fulltime cl and not following the rules, my money will be wasted. So with a daytime lady, as long as she cooks proper food for me and takes care of the baby, I don't feel so guilty breaking the 'touch water' rules. Plus I don't like strangers sleeping over in my house. I can still walk around, naked with just my disposble pantist (and pad) on. I pump my breast milk and latch baby naked, by the way.

Anyway, enough about the introduction. I am about to write about breaking all the rules confinement. So please shut up if you want to read.

The Broken Rules
I delivered my baby boy on 10th April. I was discharged and came home the next day, 11th April. Called the lady on 10th morning and she said she will come tomorrow. But in the evening after I delivered she called and said she could only make it on the 12th. I had no choice but to agree. What do you want me to say? Get lost and don't come? Already bad impression even before she arrives.

When I reached home I had to shower and wash my hair as there were still traces of dried blood sticking on my body, legs, feet, etc. All these blood was from the delivery process. So rule #1 broken: I showered and washed my hair 1 day after I delivered.

I shower everyday for about 5-6 times a day and I wash my hair twice a day. The weather was really hot and I don't want to add more stress to myself. I want to be able to take care of my baby happily without anyone controlling me.

I do housework everyday. I wash clothes (using washing machine of course), hang clothes, vacumn the house, mop the floor·, change bedsheets and wash the toilet. Of course hubby does housework also but I still do it again after that, yes, I have mild OCD.

Since the lady was unable to turn up on the day I was discharged, both my hubby and I did everything by ourselves. He boiled ginger water for my bath and boiled soup for me. I took care of baby the whole night. I made milk, changed diapers, washed bottles, etc. So you tell me, how not to touch water? And I passed through the most critical time alone, without anyone's help (hubby was snoring whole night while I handled the newborn alone). Do I still very need the lady? Can I ask her no need to come already?

The Lady
The lady turned up at my doorstep on 12th April. During the first few days, she was ok. But after that I am beginning not to like her. Everyday she can't wait to leave by 5pm. She cooks my lunch at 10-ish in the morning and my dinner at 4-ish in the afternoon. Why? So that her job will be done fast and she can leave after she washes my plates.

Everyday by 12.30pm til 4pm she will laze on the sofa like a corpse or play with her hp. Baby is good as he only zzzz whole day without giving work to the lady, but still, she can make herself useful and not letting me see her so free right?

She is like a hungry ghost and she eats anything and everything in the house non stop, some without my permission. In the morning she eats maggi mee with egg, hotdog or anything she finds in the fridge. After that she drinks kopi and eats some biscuits. Then during lunch she eats noodles and later another cup of kopi,and perhaps 3 slices of bread with cheese. She takes food without my permission - mil gave us some food for hubby's dinner. The lady takes the food and eats with her maggi mee without my permission. How daring is that?

She is really very free with not much work to do. I did not request her to handwash mummy's and baby's clothes by the way. And I did not request for baby to wear cloth diapers as my condo has no space and sunlight to hang so many cloth diapers in a day. Is she lucky to be hired by me? I offered RM2k.

The Food
The only thing good about her is that cooks well, that's all. I request for noodles everyday. No rice. She complied and managed to whip up food that can go down on my throat.

Gingery porky soupy confinement food with sesame oil and wine 

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