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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My Day

Just to write about my typical day during confinement.

5 or 5.30 - Usually baby Gavin will feed at this time. After that, I will change his diapers.

7.00 - Wakeup, boil water, breakfast (usually bread with butter and cheese or peanut butter with jam and a cup of hot milk with milo/vico). Will drag time and wait for hubby to send Kz to nanny's and go to work as I could not do any housework with them around

7.20 - Start doing housework: Vacumn (of course I will close Gavin's bedroom door), mop floor, change bedsheets (call me OCD, I change them once every 2-3 days), put on back new bedsheets, change floor towels, dish towels and bath towels (once every few days), wash clothes (using washing machine of course), bathe and wash hair, hang clothes and I am about done

8.15 - Rest, feed baby Gavin if there is a need, dry mop the floor (using 'magic mop') and continue to laze around while waiting for that lady to arrive

9.00 - Pump breast milk

9.15 (or later) - Lady arrives

10.30 - Lady bathes baby Gavin

11.00 - Lady prepares my lunch

11.45 - I will bathe again after lunch

12.30 - 15.30 - I will rest and play with the hp/tablet. Lady cooks her lunch, then lazes on the sofa like a corpse or play with her hp. At 3pm she will get up from her corpse position and make tea

15.30 or 16.00 - Lady wipes baby Gavin's body

16.30 - Lady prepares dinner

16.45 - Lady leaves (sometimes when there is work undone she stays til 5++)

18.30 - Hubby comes back from work, picks up Kz from the nanny's and have dinner

20.00 - 21.30 - We watch tv, hubby plays with baby Gavin and Kenzie

22.00 - Bed time (for me). I sleep with baby Gavin and take care of him every night, waking up every 2.5-3 hours or so to feed and change him and the cycle repeats the whole night.

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