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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Biatch @ Work

There's a biatch here that everyone hates dislikes (I am trying to be nicer here), I don't even want to (nick)name her. Everytime she calls or talks to me, my blood will creep up to my face, boiling hot, and I will feel like chopping off her mouth (especially), her limbs, then blend it in front of her and serve her, alive! Who does she think she is? Talks like a taukeh soh, babe! Puh-leese. Noone talks to me like that, ok? Not even my superior or the boss that pays my salary. She talks like I am stupid. She talks like I don't know my work. She talk's like she's the madam and I'm the maid, get what I mean? OMFG.

Weird I didn't have this feeling back then, only started recently. Back then, I had no problem with her. Really. Why now? What's the issue? OMFG, I hope she slips one day while walking or climbing up/down the stairs and lose her two front rabbit teeth - permanently!

You know, I am a nice person. At work. Ask them. Ask the boys here who face me daily. Ok, occasionally mean with my words, spicy and a cili padi, but in a joking way. They can accept my style and they like who I am - the cute girl who doesn't look like she's 30, who is straight forward, direct and not a fake. And I am good at my work. I am effective. Efficient. Fast. Ask anyone here, I am begging you. So, if I can be so poison with my mouth on that particular person, then that person must be a real biatch until I cannot tolerate anymore. I hope she burns in hell.

See, told you I can be mean.

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