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Thursday, 26 July 2012

The 2ww

The moment I am typing this, it's my 2ww (2 week-wait) and 7dpo. My period came on 7th July. Used OPK and tested positive on 19th July (cd13). I have been eating bak-foong pills since this month and bak zhen last month, both at the same time this month, once a week after my period.

BD'ed (baby-danced) on cd13 and 14. Right on cd15 (1dpo), my boobs started to feel sore. My boobs have NEVER felt that way before! Usually, it will only start to sore around 1 week before my period is due. But this time, 1dpo? WTF? Could it be a sign I have conceived? I know it's way too early to tell (I feel like an uneducated fool right now, pregnant at 1dpo, heck, the egg is not even implanted on my uterus yet). I also know the science. It takes a few hours for sperms to travel from the cervix to meet the egg. If conception takes place, it takes another 6-12 days for the egg to implant to the uterus. So, I can only test for pregnancy around 14dpo, ok, 12dpo the earliest. But heck, 1 dpo? I must be so stupid.

1dpo - sore boobs
2dpo - sore boobs
3 dpo - sore boobs
4 dpo - sore boobs
5 dpo - sore boobs
6 dpo - sore boobs
7 dpo (present) - sore boobs, something stuck on my throat when I'm swallowing, sides of my mouth turned blackish

So, there! This 2ww is killing me. By the way, I do not have any pregnancy test strips to pee on, so I pee on ovulation test strips from 3dpo til yesterday! Call me crazy! And yes, I'm a POAS (Pee On A Stick) addict. I've read somewhere that ovulation test stripes can detect LH, as well as HCG (ovulation and pregnancy hormone). So if the ovulation test strip has a double line on it, chances are I might be pregnant now.

Results on my ovulation test strips:
3dpo - faint line
4dpo - faint line
5dpo - lighter faint line (a bit devastated to see the result, but I tell myself, hey, darker lines will start coming back)
6dpo - more light faint line (I'm so feeling f**ked up)
7dpo - I am so going to pee on the stick again tonight

I will buy a pregnancy test kit this Saturday, which is my 9dpo. Ok, why this Saturday and not now if I am that desperate to POAS? Well, that's because Saturday is the day I can go to Jusco to buy household stuffs and groceries, before we visit the in laws. Weekdays from Mon-Fri is always: work, go home, work, go home. Ok, you may ask, no pharmacies around the area I stay? Answer: Yes, there is, but I do not know how to go! Bummer!

Lots of baby dust to myself!

*Updated on 27.07.2012 (8dpo)
7dpo - faint line in OPK. Bloated, nausea and fatigue before bedtime.
8dpo - boobs not as sore, but there is still some sore feeling (feeling f**ked up again). Nausea upon reaching office.

*Updated on 30.07.2012
BFN on 10dpo !! Ok, giving up already.
How come life is so unfair?
How come those who said they don't want anymore child always got pregnant? How come those who said they only want one child always manage to get pregnant with 2nd child? How come those who said they really want a child/want another child don't get it?

I'm contemplating whether or not to delete this post, as it is an eye sore looking at this post everyday.

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