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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The OPK Playing Me

I am a POAS addict, I could not help but pee'ed on them again last night as I still have a few more cheapies to spare. The second line immediately appeared and gave me a dark positive in no time! Usually the second line takes longer time to appear, and usually faint. But last night, result line was same colour with the test line!

I have read countless of times in the internet that the opk could detect hcg. If opk turns out to be positive when AF is due, chances are it will be a BFP. And I've read countless of times people found out about their BFP through the opk first.

Anyway, I am not putting any hopes for a BFP this month, because I just know I am not pregnant. I tested with a clearblue on 10dpo, and it was a BFN! I pee'ed on my opk, almost faint+evaporated line. So there, I can confirm I'm not pregnant.

I've lost hope and is certain AF will show up this week. But why now a dark positive on the opk?

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