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Monday, 9 September 2013

The Electric Lunch Box ~ Meal # 3 (Steamed Egg & Chicken Herbal Soup)

Two simple food today (just for 1 person): Chicken herbal soup and steamed egg.

Soup: Chicken pieces, red dates, black dates, wolfberries, yok zhok, tong sum and pak kei.
Chuck everything into the electric lunch box and boil.

About 15-20 minutes before I wanted to drink the soup, I beat an egg into the upper tray and added water, salt and pepper.

I steamed on top of the soup for about 8-10 minutes.

The end products:


  1. How it takes to cook soup and how much water u put on the steamer? Would you still recommend this lunch box? I am looking for one to cook for my toddler while traveling.

  2. I meant how long it takes to cook the soup

  3. Hello Sherly,

    Thank you for your questions.

    For herbal soup, I suggest you to boil a bit longer (for the yok-choy or what-nots) to "chut mei" (keluar rasa). If not, then like me (I'm very lazy), I just boil for 1 hour in the lunch box, it still has all the yok-choy taste) because I put little water and a lot of chicken & "liew" (herbs, red dates & what-nots).

    I put enough water to cover all the ingredients. One thing good about this box is that whatever you steam in it, the water (covering your food) would not get lesser, unlike cooking using stove. If you cook using stove, the water will evaporate when you boil, yes?

    As for the base of the steamer, I put two cups of water, BUT (there's a BUT), you need to (always) check the base (and add in more water) to continue cooking your soup if you want to boil your soup longer. In my calculation, 1 hour of boiling needs water-refill (I refill another cup in the middle of the process). You just need to keep on checking.

    Yes, I recommend this lunch box for small eaters & if you always travel with a toddler.