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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Electric Lunch Box ~ Meal # 4 (Organic Millet With Chicken & Carrots)

I used: Half a cup of organic millet (and white rice), chicken breasts pieces and cubbed carrots.
*I soaked the millet over night.

Chuck everything into the electric lunch box and cook for about an hour.

The whole pot smelled yucky during the whole cooking process. The (organic) millet has a very strong 'soya bean' smell. Even my hands. I felt like puking each time I smell my hand. To be honest I felt like throwing everything into the bin but I continued cooking anyway (coz maybe it's only me. Maybe Kenzie likes the taste+texture).

I decided to try millet because everyone is hoo-haa-ing about these kinda food for toddlers, you know what I mean? When they talk about first foods for toddlers, they will talk about fruits+vege puree, stuffs like millet, quinoa, red rice, brown rice, the list goes on. All wana talk about being healthy, bla bla bla.

So here I am, trying out (organic) millet for the very first time. Ok, in case you are wondering, when Kenzie started solids, I gave purees too. Then when he was 7 months old, I straight away gave porridge (cooked in meat and vegetables). I didn't give stuffs like millet, quinoa, red rice, brown rice, 5-grain rice and what-not rice.

I really wonder how they mix everything together and eat. It really tasted yucky. Did they try first before serving their little one? Did they like it too? I wouldn't eat a bite of it unless I have some very good and thick gravy to pour over it if I'm eating it. By the way, when I was eating this millet porridge, I kinda flooded the whole thing with soy sauce.

Forgive me but I really wonder do they give it to their little one just because everyone is talking about it in the forum/group, or they are really health freaks and think eating white rice can make them die early?

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