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Monday, 30 September 2013

The Emergency - Babysitting 1 Baby & 2 Toddlers Alone!

Occasion ~ Emergency Babysitting

My neighbour SOS-ed for my help on Saturday morning around 8.15am. Luckily that time I had finished vacuming the house and bathed Baby G.

The nanny could not find her house keys. And this neighbour needs to work on Saturday (the nanny takes care of he kid on Saturday for half day). She just switched to this new job one month ago, so she felt uneasy to have to apply for emergency leave, hence, I agreed to help (although that time, I wasn't sure whether I could handle), but I still said yes.

She left her kid at my place, empty handed. No milk, no bottles, no clothes, no diapers. But hey, not a problem because I have everything she needed in my house.

This is the kid whom I had to babysit - Baby C
After bath @ 9am
Breakfast @ 9.15am ~ cereal
Then hard-boiled eggs
She finished one egg
Snack time - apples
Milk time @ 10.45am - I gave her Kenzie's formula, and luckily she accepted (using Baby G's old bottle and teat)
More playtime
I cooked porridge for lunch
Lunch @ 12pm
Dessert after lunch ~ yogurt
Rest time
Baby C finally dozed off in the afternoon @ 12.45pm
I felt clever. I felt satisfied. I felt successful. I felt happy that I could help. I felt good.  

I never thought I could handle 3 kids (1 baby and 2 toddlers) alone (although it just for half a day). I think if I have 3 children, I still can handle. I am a supermom, remember? *Self-praise*

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