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Thursday, 9 May 2013


Baby Gavin is taking the (.)(.)

He is sucking but I think he is sucking for comfort because he will close his eyes and fall asleep after 5 minutes.

Nonetheless I will still and need to latch him so that the (.)(.) continue to be stimulated for milk production. The more I latch, the more production. I know the science.
*I do not want to explain again why I did not direct latch from day 1 and introduced the bottle so soon. Please read my previous post on breastfeeding challenges if you want to know.

With the bottle, I can see with my own eyes and confirm 2.5-3oz milk goes down his throat but with the (.)(.) , only a few drops go in I am sure as he already fall asleep before the other side of (.)(.) leaks.

As I am typing this post he has already zzz. Will pump and store the milk for the lady to feed him later.

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