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Thursday, 16 May 2013


Everything is manageable after my confinement. I'm on my own everyday after hubby goes to work (after sending Kenzie down to the nanny's).

I wakeup around 7am, do housework, baby Gavin wakes up by 8am, I bathe him, feed him and play with him until he dozes off. In between I sneak out to have breakfast, hang clothes, marinate meat to be cooked for dinner and boil my herbal soup. Usually after his 1pm feed he will sleep and this is the time I prepare for dinner (pre-fry marinated meat, chop up onions or/and garlic, cut up, wash and soak vegetables). Then I rest and doze off until he feeds around 3.30pm. At about 4.30pm I boil rice and start cooking dinner. By 5pm I'm done.

 See, told you I could manage the house, the baby and cook a meal. But after I go back to work next month, it's a different story. Don't think we will cook dinner everyday.

Anyway the food I cook for dinner tonight:
1) Onions pork chops with garlic & butter sauce (Marinade chops in soy sauce, pepper and corn starch. Fry them and leave aside. Fry onions and leave aside. Fry lots of garlic in butter, add in the chops and onions, coat them well in the buttery garlicky sauce, pour about half a cup fresh milk, stir and coat everything quickly)
2) Fried eggs with onions in sweet soy sauce (Fry 4 eggs, leave them aside. Fry onions, prepare in a bowl few tablespoon soy sauce, sugar and water, pour the concoction and add in the eggs)
3) Fried choy sum (Who doesn't know how to fry vege?)

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