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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

1 In The Oven, 1 In The Pot, 1 In The Can

Oven - roast chicken, the chinese style
Pot - abc soup
Can - baked beans

Tried roasting chicken the chinese style today for dinner. I used two chicken chops, marinated with oyster sauce, soya sauce, thick black sauce, pepper and wee bit sesame oil. Upon roasting, I threw a blob of butter on top. Baked for about 1 hour at 220 degrees.

I also cooked simple minced meat baked beans and boiled ABC soup. I fried garlic, minced meat and used Heinz brand baked beans. As for the ABC soup, well who doesn't know how to prepare this soup? I boiled with chicken bones, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and one big onion.

Ooohh, and there was sweet potatoes tongsui for dessert too using my leftover confinement Bentong ginger. Picture not taken. It was just water, Bentong ginger, rock sugar and sweet potatoes, no pandan leaves though, but it was still delicious.

Loving every minute of my maternity leaves (only on weekdays though as I have to takecare of two on weekends). Now, on weekdays, I could clean the house, vacumn everyday as I like or when I see a single strand of hair on the floor and change as many times bedsheets as I want.

Chinese style roast chicken, abc soup and minced meat baked beans

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