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Thursday, 9 May 2013

She Goes Today

It's her last day today.

I am talking about the daytime lady who helps me with my confinement. She comes in the morning and leaves after her chores are done. I mentioned 9am-6pm, she comes 9.20am and leaves at 5pm.

There goes my RM2k+RM100 angpau. Like 'money dropped into the sea' (wasted, in Chinese proverb).

She is good for nothing except cooking (and helping me to bathe Gavin once a day) only. I feel she cannot and did not help me much for the past 1 month. I stopped asking her to boil my bath water (ginger+serai) after 2 weeks and I never requested her to handwash my clothes and baby Gavin's.

I still did everything myself in the morning - all before she comes. I vacumn the house, mop the floor, change bedsheets, wash clothes, hang clothes, change baby Gavin and feed baby Gavin.

If I did not have her, I could just boil my own dates drink and herbal soup (and eat with rice) myself. Easy peasy. Only no proper gingery confinement food, that's all. I've broken all the rules of confinement from day 1, I bathe 5 times a day and wash my hair 2 times a day. So, confinement food or not, is already nothing to me at this point. Or should I say, having a confinement helper or not, is already not important to me. I can manage the baby, the house and even cook a simple dinner for my hubby when he comes back from work.

Anyway here is how she looks like everyday from 12pm onwards. She will laze on the couch like this until 4pm. Wipe baby Gavin's body at 4pm, cook dinner, speed-mop the floor with plain water after that and leaves at (or before) 5pm.


  1. Who's the boss in this picture? :P

  2. Good question Christine. It's her, the daytime confinement lady. I purposely took this picture to show my hubby. She lazes on the couch like this everyday from 12pm onwards. Looks like the boss, heh?