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Thursday, 23 May 2013

East Meets West Dinner

1) Spaghetti with smoked bacon & bean sauce
2) Spinach & cheese puffs
3) Barbequed meat with sweet sauce

I found a can of Baxter's smoked bacon and bean soup in my kitchen cabinet and decided to make a spaghetti dish out of it.

My puff pastries have been sitting in the fridge for about 9 months already, yes, when I was just pregnant. Decided to make use of it by combining spinach, tomatoes, onions (fried in olive oil) and then baked with cheese.

The two dishes on top are not enough for us for dinner as we are usually big eaters. So I marinated two pieces of meat with black sauce, salt, pepper and brown sugar. Fried it and then baked it until fragrant. My simple version of 'barbequed' (char siew) meat.

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