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Monday, 5 August 2013

BM vs FM (Part I)

Since this is my blog, I am free to rant my feelings here. I don't feel good voicing out in public forums because I know I will be "bombarded" to death with hate-notes on my FB wall.

Here goes. I can't stand it when:
1) People proudly post and show off their EBM packs in the freezer. Yeah, more than 50 packs in the freezer. So?
2) People talk as if FM is a poison beverage. I was and I am sure many were raised with FM from birth. Breastfeeding is a personal choice. There must be a reason the mother of a child decides to stop breastfeeding. Health reasons, low supply issue & personal issues perhaps?
3) People post nonsense in the forum such as "It's 2am now and I have just finished moo-mooing. Anyone here"?
4) "This is my effect of EBM after having durian, bubble milk tea drink and carbonarra (shows picture of 10oz milk in the storage bottle). Gambateh all mummies"


I breastfed baby G for 2 months and stopped partially after going back to work. I still DL at night until today. I have my reasons of not breastfeeding longer. If you have been reading my blog regularly, you should know I have low supply issue although I pumped like a mad cow 24 hours a day. Before you people start to lecture me and telling me "DL DL DL" or "demand=supply" or "supply will kick in if you have more patience and don't give up", let me tell you that I too, know the science. You don't have to teach me ok? But please, low supply means low supply, even my sister who fully breastfeeds her baby faces low supply issue now and has to top-up with formula. So it's just that I face this issue sooner than her (and gave up).

Stop being so harsh to mummies who doesn't breastfeed or has to top-up with FM.
Stop treating FM like it's poison (you grew up with it)
Stop being so sceptical that a mother MUST breastfeed, else, she will be stoned to death.

I feel like a loser and feel like banging my head on wall until it bleeds each time I read the breastfeeding forum, even until today. It makes me feel mothers who do not breastfeed should just go die and burn in hell.

Ok, end of rant. Thank you.

FM - formula milk
BM - breast milk
DL - direct latch
EBM - expressed breast milk

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