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Monday, 5 August 2013

Christmas & Mr. Men (Recovered Post # 10 ~ 29.07.2013)

27th July 2013

Too early for Chrismas?

We did the Christmas Tree Hanging Mobile project and Mr. Men @ Mr. Happy project.

1) Materials needed: Christmas tree and hanging ornacles template, scissors, glue, string, hole puncher and crayons
*Of course I did the cutting, punching and stringing over and all. But guided him to do some stringing.

2) Materials needed: Mr. Men character template, smiley stickers, glue and scissors
*Of course I did the cutting and pasting, but guided him to do a little bit of the pasting.

Oh by the way, non craft related. Made pancakes for breakfast and Kenzie ate like 5-6 pieces. Yay!

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