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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I Do Not Hate...

When I have done almost everything and he is still restless, I just have to offer my boobs. Then he will fall asleep.

Despite what I have blogged here, here & here to express my thoughts, feelings and opinion, I am NOT a jealous freak. Guys, I am going to say one more time:

I do not hate:-
  • The breastfeeding forum.  
  • Mothers who breastfeed until her child turns 5 and her boobs still have milk like a cow.
  • People who post testimonies about their breastfeeding milestones saying how proud they are once they hit the 6th month journey, or 12th month journey. [If I am one of them, I am proud too, and I will also post on the wall and show off to let all my friends and the whole world know I can, and am still breastfeeding until today]

I hate when they:-
  • Proudly show off their EBM packs in the freezer day after day. [So? Whats the point of sharing this? How would those who do not have extra to store feel? It is exactly the same like posting your stupid 3D pregnancy ultrasound pictures (in FB, not in personal blog) and it is an eye-sore especially to those who are trying to conceive but still couldn't get pregnant after trying for 5 years]. **Ok, I know what you are thinking. "Well nobody ask you to look at the pictures, bitch! You are just jealous coz you don't have milk". Yes, I know it's a public forum and you are free to post anything, but please, to be really honest, they post those pictures to show off and tell the whole world they have so much milk. If you can prove I am wrong, PM me, and I will give-away some free goodies to you
***I call these people "sang farn shue" (Direct Cantonese translation would be = Raw Sweet Potato).      Find out the meaning yourself if you don't know what it means. 

  • Post nonsense and waste time writing junks such as 'It's 3am now, I am moo-moo-ing, anyone here? I am tired. [Tired, please get lost or go to sleep]
  • Say things like 'OMG my supply is getting lesser, I feel so sad and I am afraid I need to top up with FM, I hate myself, I really hope I don't have to start FM, please help, I feel like dying. [It's not the end of the world, you talk as if people who needs to top up with FM should just go burn in hell and not fit to be a mum]
Get the gist now?


  1. Hi,

    Funny woman.

    I hate the milk bags too.
    Btw, I am fine with FM. So I guess we ain't enemies ;)

  2. Good Friday

    I love coming back to reading your blogs. There are so many interesting posts to read about!

    I am with you too on the BF. Try not to breastfeed too long or you might end up like me. Flatter chests and longer nipples, they are as long as 2 centimeters. Now i am finding ways to fix it, and looking for ways to wean my almost 3 years old darling daughter. Like your little one, she gets fussy if she don't get my boobs. She suckle on one and her fingers won't let go of the other one. It is quite frustrating but that's how she will fall asleep peacefully every night or when we travel long distance.

    She sleeps fine in the sitter's house in the day time when mommy's at work!
    Happy New Year 2014.....