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Monday, 5 August 2013

Art & Craft Activities @ Home (Recovered Post # 8 ~ 29.07.2013)

26th July 2013.

Yep, we did art & craft at home this morning. It is a public holiday but hubby works today. I stayed home (what else?) and took care of the two.

Googled some craft activites ideas yesterday at work. Printed out templates and prepared the materials.
Here's what we did:

1) Ice cream project
The materials: ice cream and cone template, glue, scissors, crayons and colour paper sprinkles

Colour the pictures

Cut out the pieces

Glue the ice cream together

Sprinkle some 'coloured rice' over the ice cream


2) Baa baa black sheep
The materials: sheep picture, cotton wool and glue

Glue the cotton wool on the sheep's body and head


His attention span is very short. So the activity must be easy, simple and fast to finish.

Will need to cook dinner later. It will be in a different post.

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