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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

BM vs FM (Part II)

Baby G was having fever yesterday after his jab in the afternoon. Since newborn til present, he already has fever for 4 times. Yes, 4 times. Each time after each jab every month, regardless whether the jab will cause fever or not.

I could not be bothered asking the pead whether that jab that month will cause fever or not, because I just know Baby G will develop fever after that.

Things to ponder:
Kenzie was not a breastfed baby. He had breastmilk for a few days though, around 1-1.5oz for only 1 feeding a day (yeah, how pathetic is that?). He NEVER developed fever due to jab, yes, read carefully, "NEVER". He only had fever due to viral infection or throat infection, but NEVER due to jab.

Baby G was breastfed for 2 months. Although my supply was not abundant, I managed to have enough for him during the daytime. He will always have a fever after each jab every month.

Now you tell me again about this whole BM vs FM thingy? I'm sick of it.

Just something to share. In the forum, a mother was asking this:
"Should a baby be fed with water after FM? Will the water 'wash down' the 'goodness' of the FM?"

Guess what? Her question was replied with many hate-notes and you-are-so-stupid replies. One of the reply was:
"I am laughing my tears out. "Goodness" of FM?

Another reply:
"ROTFL, FM has goodness? Then what is BM? LOL"

Another reply:
"Please read up. FM has nothing and BM has everything"

Another reply with reference to the many hate-notes:
"I guess she really doesn't know, don't be so sarcastic lah, hehe, you all can educate her mah"

Excuse me? "she really doesn't know"? Are you saying that she's stupid and doesn't know that breastfeeding is good? Come on, if can breastfeed, who doesn't want? Of course there is a reason why she could not breastfeed longer right?

Hello, if I can still breastfeed until today, I also want, ok? You think formula very cheap? If my breasts can produce milk like a cow, I also want, ok? Of course I know breastmilk is still better than formula milk.


My blood was boiling when I was reading the post. It makes me feel that mothers who don't breastfeed "no die no use" (mm sei mou yoong)
-Direct translation from Cantonese-

I think I'll die faster if I continue to be in the forum, but I do not want to unjoin just yet, as there are many non-BF related issues they discuss sometimes, that I find beneficial.

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